LED 120 watt strip trafo (TRW-1224-120)

LED 120 watt strip trafo (TRW-1224-120)
Model BD-120120F, YBD-240120F
DC output voltage 12V 24V
Rated output current 10A 5A
Output current range 0~10A 0~5A
Wave and noise 100mV 100mV
DC output power 120W 120W
Efficiency 85% 85%
Input voltage
AC 90V~130V/170V~250V
Waterproof level IP67
Working temperature and humidity -30°C~50°C
Store temperature and humidity -40°C~80°C
Weight 1250g
Dimension 240*68.5*43
Input frequency 50-60Hz
CE godkjent

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LED 120 watt strip trafo (TRW-1224-120)
1.High quality waterproof power supply for LED lights
2.This is the guarantee for LED lights for long time span outdoors use
3.Stable function and IP67 design to make it fashion ,compared with others
4.Open circuit /short circuit /over voltage /overload /over temperature protection.
5.100% full load burn-in test, cooling by free air convection
6.Super long time life span and the product give three years warranty.


Vekt 1.2500 kg
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