USB and Ethernet connections SL(USB-SL-18)

Technical Data

Input Power 5-5.5V DC 0.6A
Output Protocol DMX512 (x2)
Programmability PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone
Available Colors Blue, Orange, Gray, Green,
Marine, White, Red
Connections Mini USB, XLR3, XLR5,
Ethernet, 2x HE10, battery
Memory microSD card, 4GB Max
Environment IP20. 0°C – 50°C
Buttons 2 buttons to change scene
+ 1 button to change area
Complete Package
79 x 92 x 43mm 120g
140 x 135 x 50mm 340g
OS Requirements Mac OS X 10.8-10.12
Windows 7/8/10
Standards EC, EMC, ROHS



Dimensions: 77 x 87 x 40 mm
Weight: 120g
USB connection
Ethernet connection
DMX channels: 1024 / scalable over Ethernet


ESA:2: PC / Mac
Esa Pro 2: PC / Mac
Remote control apps

Stand alone

Number of scenes: 200
Number of zones: 5
Standalone memory: micro SD
Memory capacity: unlimited
Power voltage: 5-5.5V DC
Power connector: mini USB


Mechanical buttons: 3
Internal connector: HE10
Port triggers:  8
Ethernet integration
Smartphone / tablet
Clock/ calendar triggers: 40/ astronomical