LED bordlampe 7 watt (LED-7w-18)


7 watt
Voltage: AC100 – 240 volt
50/60 Hz
Meget behagelig lys.
Fargetemperatur kan justeres fra kaldt hvit til warmt hvit.
Farge: svart
360 lumen
Arbeids temperatur: -10 + 40 grader
Materiale: ABS
Størrelse: L162mm x W162mm x H280mm

Alarm clock function
Timing, date and temperaturte setting
4 grades dimming and stepless dimming.
Adjustable CT button to control color temperature: white, warm white, natural, yellow, warm yellow; utility and suitable for several conditions;
Smart touch design
Advanced light soften technology to be non-glare, non-flashing; comfortable and environmentally-friendly light to reduce eye burden