LED bordlampe 10 watt (LED-10w-18)


10 watt
Voltage: AC100 – 240 volt
50/60 Hz
Meget behagelig lys.
Fargetemperatur kan justeres fra kaldt hvit til warmt hvit.
Farge: hvit
540 lumen
Lysvinkel: 120 grader
Arbeids temperatur: -20 + 50 grader
Materiale: ABS
Størrelse:W335mm x H402mm

Access to sensitive touch switch, touch light, dimming simple, more fashionable.

Smart stepless dimming function, brightness adjustment arbitrary, for different times, different needs of different groups of people to light.
Original color temperature and light design, color temperature between 2800-6500 can be changed to adjust, flexible and comfortable Promise dimming, optical efficiency for different people different needs.
Intelligent multi-mode color temperature setting dimming feature that allows you to enjoy the fun of the different light patterns in different environments, stepless dimming, flexible and comfortable.
The whole lamp posee multi-directional, multi-angle adjustment, rotate freely.
No flashing