LED batteri lampe PS-IL5R (LED-PS-IL5R)


Batteri: 1 x 3.7v, 2500 mAH Li-Ion
LED: Samsung
Lumen: 500
Beam distance: 52m
Run time: 3 – 7 hrs
IP rating : IP54
Weight: 200 g
Height: 180 mm
Width: 35 mm

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The PS-IL5R is the next generation of rechargeable inspection lights from Unilite. Making trailblazing improvements in construction techniques, the IL5R has been forged out of the mantra of continuous improvement. This has culminated in the creation of the most powerful inspection light of its size. Featuring a 500 Lumen output from 9 Samsung SMD LEDs, the torch delivers a powerful blast of light from the grasp of your hands. In addition, there is a 200 Lumen torch on its head, giving an additional light for specialised tasks.

As with all great creations, the foundations have been laid with strength in mind. This is in the form of a strong polycarbonate and Ultra tough aluminium, giving it great resistance towards the trials of an industrial environment. For increased placement, the product design team were attracted to using an extra strong magnet on the IL5R, keeping it fixed to metallic surfaces with ease. Replenishing its battery is easy with a DC-USB cable, providing portable non-static charging on the go.



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