LED 1200 watt Mobil lysmast Anti-Glare (LED-Antg-120019)

Hailed as a game changer for the industry, the anti-glare, virtually indestructible lamp head constructed from high performance LLDPE is ideal for works on roadside and highway projects, quarries, and at airports, car parks or for trackside lighting.

The lamp head is also IP65 rated and designed for simple deployment and easy set-up.

– 1200 watt
– Lumens : 142000
– LED Drivers per quadrant: 1
– Tensile Strength of the LLDPE Material: 17MPa (2470psi)
– Impact resistance of the LLPDE Material: 170J/cm
– Dimensions: 1050mm(Dia) x 470mm(High)
– Weight with drivers: 50 kg
– LED without drivers: 42 kg

• Easy set up. No need to adjust lamps to direct the light
• Improved light spread and above average lux levels
compared to a conventional LED or Metal Halide lamp
• Less glare than a conventional LED or Metal Halide lamp
• More robust than a conventional lamp head,
able to cope with day to day conditions associated
with hire machines and lights
• Good green credentials as less towers are required
• Ideal for roadside/motorways, quarries, car parks
or trackside lighting